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Welcome to Good Change Store.

Welcome to Good Change Store.

Our Story

These days we’re all becoming more aware of what plastic and waste is doing to our environment and eco cleaning is becoming a big topic in many households.

Good Change first started when we took another trip to the supermarket, and all we could see was aisle upon aisle of plastic-covered, microplastic-infused products and packaging.

There was no alternative, especially in the cleaning category.

So we decided to make one ourselves. A change towards something better. Something good.

Founded in Tauranga in 2019, Good Change produces natural, eco friendly cleaning products that don’t cost the earth. Our products are currently available in many supermarkets and organic groceries around Australasia.

And like our eco cloths, we’re working hard to get more on board. So that you have a choice the next time you’re shopping.

We are not only about selling sustainable products with purpose. We are also about encouraging Kiwis and Australians to be ‘Better Than Yesterday’. We authentically believe that small steps can have a big impact on this amazing place we call home. And we truly believe we can all make a difference.

We communicate this through our podcast Good Change Conversations which inspires and promotes this narrative. Our giving back initiatives around clean beaches and waterways; supporting families in Cambodia with clean drinking water as well as our regenerative carbon cycle forest projects are testament to what we stand for.

Thank you so much for your support.

Kristy and Stine


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