Thanks to you Good Change is growing, and so is our impact.

For every person who makes a Good Change by switching out their dirty old cleaning gear for our sustainable, modern products, we get to help make the world a better place. Thank you so much to everyone who's joined us so far!

The more we grow, the bigger impact we can have. So this year, we’re doubling down on our efforts to do better by our planet. Last time we checked – there’s only one left.

You can support our initiatives below simply by shopping at our store, it's that easy!


    Both Kristy & Stine have travelled through Cambodia and felt a huge connection to the people there. They saw that simple necessities, like clean water, were not a reality for so many of them. That's why every time you buy a Good Change product, we provide a family in Cambodia with one day’s worth of safe, clean water.


    If you didn't already know it, we hate unnecessary plastic. Single-use bottles and bags are slowly being phased out, but it's not enough! That's why we work with local schools to educate the kids about plastic pollution and organise clean ups to support local communities.

  • Kristy and Stine hiking in a Native Forest


    Our website is Carbon Neutral (read more about this on our sustainability page) and every order made from the website is Carbon Negative. Each year we calculate the Carbon Emissions generated by our deliveries, double it & then donate it as a lump sum to support efforts to regenerate local indigenous forests

Eco Fundraisers

We provide fundraisers for your School, Club or Youth Group. This is a fantastic way to engage students in sustainability and foster an entrepreneurial mindset - all while raising the money needed to reach your goals.

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