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How Giving Back Can Improve Your Own Life - by Black Stick, Brooke Neal

Blog conversation with brook neal in our podcast good change conversations


We were fortunate to meet with former Olympian black stick, Brooke Neal to discuss the power of giving back on our podcast, Good Change Conversations

This is not giving back in your conventional sense of charity or donations. This is giving back of yourself to others.

Brooke talks about finding your curiosity and following that, along with keeping in mind what you can help others with along the way. 

Brooke has set up an academy for young girls (not only athletes) who are top achieves in their field, yet struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem. 

Brooke has found a massive strength in helping young girls and a re-invented sense of purpose which is a powerful concept.

In our podcast, Brooke shares with us her story and top tips that anyone, young or old, struggling or not struggling, can implement today and we guarantee you will benefit from listening to. 

You can listen to our talk with Brooke by clicking HERE.

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