Good Change Conversations podcast about good people doing good things

Good Change conversations with Kristy Hunter and Stine Smith is a seasonal podcast dedicated to equipping you with practical advice to do small, but good changes.

In each episode we interview people making good changes, who are experts in their field. If you are looking to make small changes, Stine & Kristy will give you the inspiration and action plan to do this, today.

At the end of each podcast you will get hands-on tips you can easily implement in your everyday - to make a change for the better.

Kristy recording Good Change Conversations Podcast


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Episode 7

How to channel the energy that comes from change to create a positive impact with Catherine Tong   


Episode 6

The power of holistic tools to help promote your body’s natural healing ability with Sarah Lamb   


Episode 5

The Importance of Giving Back with Brooke Neal


Episode 4

The importance of working with purpose with Rebecca Percasky



Episode 3

Sustainable practises to better the people and the planet with Simon Eriksen


Episode 2

How to create balance in your life through organic food and wellbeing practises with Sarah Tanner

Episode 1

How small actions in life to lead to a greater good - with Kristy & Stine




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