What is an Eco Cloth?

What is an Eco Cloth?

pack of 3 medium eco cloth

An Eco Cloth is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional kitchen sponge because it is made from natural fibres, the eco cloth is 100% compostable. As an alternative to the plastic laden sponge, the eco cloth offers you zero microplastic making it the best choice.

These cloths are extraordinarily absorbent making them a wonder worker in the kitchen. One cloth can absorb the equivalent of 15 paper towels, as a result, it is better for you and the environment. Since these cloths are made of natural fibres;  they are more sanitary as they dry quickly leaving no room for bacteria to harvest.

No more nasty smells and bacteria commonly present in a plastic laden sponge.
These cloths clean surfaces like a dream leaving kitchen surfaces virtually streak-free making them a huge hit with eco-conscious people. Replace traditional sponges and paper towels with this cloth. They are perfect for household chores, from wiping down spills to polishing surfaces. You can wipe your grandma's antique heirlooms with this cloth and not worry about scratches.

The Eco Cloth helps lessen plastic waste and helps you with your budget.

As these are made of natural materials you can throw them in the garden for compost or use it as a weed mat. It is truly an environment-friendly alternative to disposable sponges.

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