Tips for A Greener Cleaning Habit

Tips for A Greener Cleaning Habit

One staple item when it comes to kitchen cleaning habit is the kitchen sponge. Did you know that your average everyday sponge is made of a petroleum-based substance called polyurethane (PUR or PU) as well as other materials? Traditional common sponges are made of plastic. Plastic waste is one of the leading and fastest growing waste that takes an eternity to decompose. So, every time we throw out a used sponge - we are adding to the ever-increasing plastic waste.

stack of kitchen sponges

Given the role our kitchen sponges play, it is only natural that we replace them as often as once a week. Imagine the number of sponges we throw out in a year and it's impact on the environment.

How can we break this cycle?

How can we achieve a greener cleaning habit?

1. Ditch the sponge and switch to an eco-friendly dishcloth. Choose from the many eco-friendly alternatives that decompose completely once disposed and do no leave microplastics behind.

2. Buy less, choose well. Switch from single-use mindset to a mindset of long-term use. Cheap dishcloths do not last very long. After several washes the quality would deteriorate. Choose an eco-friendly cloth that you can use for at least 6 months - getting the best value for your money while lessening your waste footprint.

3. Sterilize properly and constantly. Sponges are a habitat for a multitude of bacteria hence the need to constantly replace it, but, with an Eco Cloth, you can clean it with boiling water or pop it on the top rack of your dishwasher to ensure you're not wiping your kitchen counter with a bacteria-laden cloth.

4. Recycle. Dishcloths that are no longer fit for kitchen use (say they've got tiny holes in them already) can still be used for cleaning the toilet or wiping grease and grime off your bike. Eco Cloths made of completely natural materials disintegrate completely and can be used in the garden. You can bury it and it'll completely decompose, or you can use it for your seedlings as temporary weed mat. This way you have zero waste.

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