The Worst Place to Hang Your Dishcloth

The Worst Place to Hang Your Dishcloth

Eliminate Kitchen Waste

In our campaign to eliminate paper towel waste especially in the kitchen, we have opted to switch to reusable Eco dishcloths that completely disintegrate within 4 to 8 months after use.After every use we can just pop in the dirty dishcloth on the top rack of your dishwasher and voila - it's good as new.

The Eco Dishcloth is most often used in the kitchen filling various roles from wiping down the kitchen counter to serving as makeshift mitten to handle hot pans or saucers.

Do you leave your dishcloth hanging off the kitchen sink?

Or do you leave it threaded through the refrigerator door or does it have a designated hook or spot in the kitchen?

Or do you leave it hanging by the oven door?

So where IS the worst place?

dishcloth by the sink

The worst place for you to hang your dishcloth according to top chef Gary Usher is through the handle of the oven door.

Appliance handles as a whole is laden with germs. You reach for the oven handle mid-cooking with hands laden with whatever debris from your food preparation. Bits of chicken, garlic, dough or fish will end up in the handle. When you hang the dishcloth on the handle - it'll transfer there and then you use it to wipe your hands or worst the dishes you just washed.

Top Chef Gary Usher sparked a huge debate online on Twitter on this matter with a lot of followers perplexed on exactly where the right spot is to hang dishcloths on. To put the matter to rest after it exploded, he tweeted that cleaning utensils should live under the sink not in it.

So, there you go folks, place those dishcloths under the sink and please do make it a habit to clean your dishcloths daily. If you're using one dishcloth for wiping the kitchen counters, don't use that same dishcloth to wipe your dishes - use another one!

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