The Habit Changer using the Good Change Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes

The Habit Changer using the Good Change Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes

Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes

For the month of August we posted tips on how to use the Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes. These reusable paper towels/wipes are super absorbent and made from 100% sustainable bamboo – one of the strongest natural materials on the planet – these handy little towels are safe to use again & again on all surfaces including steel, granite, wood – even glass!

For this blog post we have compiled 26 Habit Changers using the Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes.

Habit Changer #1 - What better way to polish up your floors than with an all-natural Bamboo Reusable Wipe! Simply attach it to your mop in the little holes on the top and this super-absorbent cloth will work its magic. And better still, just remove at the end, pop it in the wash and its good to go again.

Habit Change #2 - Did you know that eggs naturally have a coating that protects it from bacteria? When you wash the egg it washes off this protective coating so your eggs won’t keep fresh as long. That's why it isn't necessary to wash the egg. Just wipe it down with a Bamboo Reusable Wipe.

Habit Changer #3 - The great thing about these little cloths is the sustainably forested bamboo provides for a super absorbent wipe that lends itself well to window cleaning! Even if you are too small to reach the top corners, ride on the back of your brother and you can take the reigns!

Habit Changer #4 - Removing sticky finger marks from things like a lamp can be tricky but the Bamboo Reusable Wipe is like a magic finger mark remover ready and willing to take away those unsavoury smudges.

Habit Changer #5 - And then comes those grimy jobs that we all dread (so we give them to our children 😜). Bring a little bit of joy to cleaning the loo! Using a Good Change Bamboo Wipe will make the unsavoury a little more savoury. For a smooth a streak free finish!

Habit Changer #6 - For those of you who have the pleasure of adding to your personal brand with a nice little pair of specs OR just for sunglasses in general, the Bamboo Reusable Wipes are just perfect for wiping away the smudges.

Habit Changer #7 - There’s something a little bit comforting about polishing a little piece of nature with another piece of nature. Wipe away the dust and give your special plant the love and care it deserves.

Habit Changer #8 - Nothing like shiny clean ivories! Give the keys a little bit of TLC. You never know it might reinvigorate your musical prowess.

Habit Changer #9 - For all of those precious ornamental items around the house, grab a Good Change Bamboo Reusable Wipe to swipe the dust away. They are so incredibly soft so will clean up the dirt with the gentlest wipe.

Habit Changer #10 - Use the bamboo sheets to line your vegetable trays. They’re much more absorbent than conventional paper towels so all condensation and fruit juices get absorbed quickly. Plus you can get away with longer periods of not washing your fridge trays as the bamboo sheets will do most of the work for you.

Habit Changer #11 - Husband's fingers, kids' fingers, dust and dirt - it all comes off with a wipe of a cloth. The bamboo wipes don't scratch, which makes them great for screens. They don't leave lint or streaks either. You can use it for your phone screen, laptop, computer, TV....what did we miss?

Habit Changer #12 - Don’t let a smelly mat ruin your moment. The bamboo wipes are the perfect replacement for paper towels when cleaning your yoga mat. Bring a sheet of Bamboo to your yoga class and wipe off your mat before starting and after you’ve finished. Each bamboo sheet can be washed up to 85 times which makes so much more sense than a paper towel for situations like these. We hope you’ll give it a try.

Habit Changer #13 - The frustration of keeping flowers fresh on the way from the florist is now solved! The Good Change Bamboo Reusable Wipes with their incredible absorbency are the perfect solution to keeping your flowers fresh and alive. Simply dampen the cloth and wrap it around the base of the cloth. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton and can take in three times more water than its weight. We now have florists buying our Bamboo Rolls by the shipper for just this reason.

Habit Changer #14 - Shoosh your family dinners and add a bamboo napkin in their plates tonight. After dinner your kids can add both plates and bamboo sheets in the dishwasher ready for the next day :)

Habit Changer #15 - Use the Bamboo Eco Wipes as a mat when peeling veggies, then empty out the peels in your compost bin and reuse the bamboo sheet. Keeps the bench tidy and peels under control.

Habit Changer #16 - For those who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool we all know how many jobs there are to clean and maintain it! No more streaks on your glass fencing! Use the Bamboo Wipes to wash down the glass and a dry one to dry it off. Super absorbent and they leave a beautiful clean wipe.

Habit Changer #17 - Glass splash backs have always been a headache to keep clean. Now you can pull out the Bamboo Wipes which tears straight off your roll on your paper towel stand and clean down all of the grease on the splash back. Throw it in the wash and it’s good to go again for next time!

Habit Changer #18 - For those music lovers out there we love to protect our musical instruments like a man likes to protect his car. Gentle and soft (much more so than a paper towel) the Bamboo Reusable Wipes are a great way to keep your guitar, piano, violin and the like clean and well-polished ready for the next performance.

Habit Changer #19 - With all of the sprays, bugs and bacteria out there these days, sometimes you just don’t know what is on the fruit you buy. The Bamboo Wipes are amazing for cleaning fruit and vegetables making sure what you put in your mouth is clean, fresh and free from any badness.

Habit Changer #20 - Velvet couches have always been a fave but the collection of dog hairs (especially when there’s a Golden Retriever wandering around) require a little bit of maintenance. The Bamboo Wipes are amazing for a wipe down of the velvet! We dampen slightly for a smooth clean wipe. Life changing!

Habit Changer #21 - Chopping boards never feel quite clean! With the Bamboo Reusable Wipes it’s a complete deal changer. Each week, sprinkle the board with coarse salt such as sea salt or even kosher salt. Grab a half lemon, and scrub the salt down each side of the chopping board using the lemon with the fleshy side down. Leave for approximately 5 minutes to work its magic and wipe off the residual with the Bamboo Reusable wipe!

Habit changer #22 - the Bamboo Wipes acts as a nice little spot to sharpen your pencil clippings onto.

Habit changer #23 - it’s always very satisfying polishing up your stainless steel knives! With the Bamboo Wipes you get a lovely smooth finish (you can literally see your face in them!)

Habit changer #24 - With your coffee machine often on display it’s important to wipe away all of those sticky finger marks. It’s also important to keep the milk frother clean from residual milk. The bamboo wipe is the perfect solution.

Habit Change #25 - the Reusable Bamboo Eco Wipes is perfect to remove dust in tricky spots.

Habit Changer #26 - Pretty exciting growing Alfalfa nothing less than a Good Change Bamboo Wipe!! Just fold into a square, dampen with water, sprinkle the seeds and voila!

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