The Eco Cloth Offers Streak Free Cleaning

The Eco Cloth Offers Streak Free Cleaning

The Eco Cloth offers streak free cleaning, it can be used to clean all over the house wherever glass is found. Use it on stainless steel, glass stove tops, mirrors, wipe down the sink, back-splash tiles, windows, shelves and so much. Enjoy using it to clean any surface with no streaks, lint or scratches - for an ecologically smooth finish!

streak free cleaning with the eco cloth

Customers have used the Eco Cloth to wipe silver heirloom pieces, giving these pieces a streak free cleaning. Others have used it to wipe up spills on kitchen counters. This includes wiping down small appliances, glass utensils and several others. Some customers have used it as a wash cloth, a replacement to the traditional loofah sponge.

Made of natural fibres, the Eco Cloth is safe to use on any surface around the house. It can also be used as a facial wipe, it's texture allows it to easily remove dirt and grime. It is soft and gentle on the skin, so it does not strip the skin of its natural oils. Best of all, it is reusable.

Overall the eco cloth has many uses around the house. Use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or in your home office - the Eco Cloth is your go to eco-friendly cleaning companion.

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