The Eco Cloth Fights Bacteria

The Eco Cloth Fights Bacteria

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Are you sick and tired of using smelly bacteria-laden sponges?

Believe me I know what it's like.

Most households use the traditional kitchen sponge as they are readily available and affordable. Over time, however, you would start to notice a nasty smell coming off of it and then wonder just how dirty it is. Have you been washing your dishes with a bacteria-laden sponge? How often can you use them safely before throwing them out? Can you effectively sanitize your dirty sponge?

A kitchen sponge can be very dirty, researchers say kitchen sponges host more germs than anywhere in the entire house, including toilets. Sponges themselves are "microbial hotbeds," teeming with bacteria, as they're often warm and wet and pick up leftover food residue.

Bacteria thrives in sponges

The study, published in Scientific Reports, undertook a thorough investigation into how many critters are living in used kitchen sponges. "We found 362 different species of bacteria, and locally, the density of bacteria reached up to 45 billion per square centimeter," says Markus Egert, a microbiologist at Furtwangen University in Germany.

When asked if you can sanitize your sponge, an article from the New York Times has this to say "Some people may think that microwaving a sponge kills its tiny residents, but they are only partly right. It may nuke the weak ones, but the strongest, smelliest and potentially pathogenic bacteria will survive."

If you insist on using a sponge, you should make peace with frequently cleaning it and throwing it out. If you can't remember the last time you changed your kitchen sponge, new research suggests it's time to toss it.


What you really need is a sustainable alternative to traditional kitchen sponges.

Hence, the Eco Cloth is born.

Here at the Good Change Store, we believe it’s the little things that matter. Good Change first started when we took another trip to the supermarket, and all we could see was aisle upon aisle of plastic-covered, microplastic-infused products and packaging. There was no alternative.

So we decided to make one ourselves. A change towards something better. Something good.

Our new "Eco Cloth" is made of natural fibres (wood pulp and cotton). The natural fibres in our cloths are more hygienic than a slow-to-dry, bacteria-ridden sponge or cotton cloth. Which means fewer bacteria build-up and no more nasty dishcloth smells.

And best of all, our Eco Cloth is easy on the budget. For $9 you get a pack of 3 elegantly designed, strong and durable Eco Cloths that can last up to 9 months.
So go ahead, visit the nearest New World Supermarket and grab your very own Eco Cloth and join the community for good.

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