The Best Fundraiser for Schools – The Eco Cloth Fundraiser

The Best Fundraiser for Schools – The Eco Cloth Fundraiser

Our Eco Cloth Fundraiser for schools was voted top of fundraisers by New Zealand magazine, Tots to Teens.

Reasons for the top position was both the organised helpful approach to fundraising, relieving school staff and teachers of the burden normally involved with school fundraising.

Secondly, because the Eco Cloths have so many benefits on top of being an earth-friendly dishcloth.

“If you’ve been landed with the role of raising money for your children’s school or preschool, then don’t panic, because we have a list of quick fundraiser fixes for you, plus tried-and-true event inspo to impress your Mum (or Dad) squad.

Good Change’s eco cloths are made of wood pulp and cotton, and have become a super-popular choice for school fundraising. The clever duo behind this standout product will send out a series of fundraising kits to help the kids spread the good word, and boost your school community’s commitment to a more beautiful world. This Scandinavian invention fights bacteria as well as being mega absorbent and easy to dry, they are made from wood pulp and cotton, have the absorbency of 15 paper towels and are fully compostable into the earth after 6-9 months of use (all lab tested in Switzerland). Plus the best news, when these cloths come to the end of their life you can compost them in the garden!”

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