Reasons to Use the Eco Cloth in Your Kitchen

Reasons to Use the Eco Cloth in Your Kitchen

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The Eco Cloth is the latest warrior in our fight against plastic pollution. They are simple, smart and overall amazing. Growing up we've always used the traditional kitchen sponge that tends to smell nastier after every wash. Cleaning them was a tad tedious too as they seem to break down with every wash cycle and so we're left with no choice but to dispose of them and frequently. Thinking about the number of sponges we've discarded makes me feel guilty - now that I know what they're made of and how bad they are for the environment.

Now that I know better, I have made the switch and I am encouraging you to do the same.

Here are 5 reasons why you should replace your kitchen sponge with an Eco Cloth.

1. They are multifaceted.

The Eco Cloths can be used for just about anything. You can use it for wiping down kitchen tops, your appliances and every spill at home. Anything a sponge can do they can do.

2. They're elegant.

Kitchen sponges in the grocery typically comes in yellow, green or orange.  The Eco Cloths from Good Change Store come in elegant modern designs you would normally see in a high-end line but a pack of 3 Eco Cloths from Good Change comes at everyday prices.

3. They are super absorbent.

The Eco Cloth can absorb the equivalent of 15 paper towels in weight. Use it to wipe down any surface and you can be assured that there will be no streaks, lint or scratches.

4. They are durable.

The Eco Cloth is strong and durable to use over and over for 6 to 9 months. They are also very easy to wash. Just pop dirty cloths on the top rack of your dishwasher. The Eco Cloth dries very quickly. When your cloth is no longer useful in the kitchen you can use it for bathroom cleaning and after than throw it in the garden and compost it.

5. They're budget-friendly.

One pack of the Eco Cloth contains 3 designs and retails for just $9.99. That's a lot of savings from all the paper towels you would be replacing with the Eco Cloths.

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