Plastic-Free July: 5 Easy Things You Can Change Today

Plastic Free July

You may have picked up on #PlasticFreeJuly on your social media accounts, but what does Plastic-Free July even mean?

Most of us will have watched or read news of plastic killing our planet and watched the frightening scenes of growing landfills and fish swimming in a sea of plastic.
Here is a quick recap of the numbers to refresh you on the damage plastic consumption can do, and is doing to the environment:

  • Plastic is found in every beach and tropical island around the world.
  • Approximately 8 million pieces of plastic make its way into our oceans
  • It takes 10 to 20 years for a plastic bag to break down.
  • Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased.
  • It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle and a disposable nappy to break down.
  • Every day more than 1.5 Million households in New Zealand alone use, and eventually dispose of, synthetic plastic-wrapped dishcloths bought in local supermarkets.

If those numbers jolted you into changing your habits and mindset around plastic then read on.

Plastic-Free July

was born in Western Australia in 2011. Today it is a major international movement with participants all over the world. For one month you are encouraged to think about the plastic you consume and find ways to reduce, swap, or SKIP plastic usage.

From the numbers above it is easy to see that plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems of the world today. Every plastic you see hanging around will end up clogging our landfills, sewage tunnels, polluting our oceans, and wreaking havoc on the world. Four weeks of mindfulness on your plastic consumption can have a tremendous effect on your eco-footprint and help you prepare to eventually remove plastic from your life.

So what to do or where to start?

If you are completely new to this then it is best to focus on the the things you can easily replace without compromising on convenience or budget  – straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles, coffee cups, and of course dish cloths.

Here are the 5 easy things you can change today - and make a difference:

  1. Say no to single-use plastic water bottles this month and always have a reusable water bottle in your hand bag.
  2. Coffee run? Bring your reusable coffee cup everywhere!
  3. How do you store food?
    1. Bring a reusable container with you to your favourite food outlet to put your takeaway in - just try it for the fun of it this month.
    2. Instead of using plastic bags for sandwiches and lunch boxes opt for reusable options such as food containers or beeswax wraps.
  4. Say to no plastic straws and drink straight from the cup or use reusable stainless steel straws. Those refreshments would taste just the same.
  5. Ditch your bright-coloured synthetic plastic-packaged cleaning sponges and switch to a compostable eco cloth.

Before you know it, four weeks have passed, and you have completely revamped your habits concerning plastic usage. Keep at it and slowly but surely you would be living a completely plastic-free eco-friendly lifestyle.


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