Meet Scout; The Eco-Dog

Meet Scout; The Eco-Dog

Have you ever sat back and wondered if your pet is Eco, or if they are adding to the world’s sustainability problems? 

Let me introduce you to Scout; our Eco Dog 

If you are wondering what this actually means here is an insight into Scout’s life to give him the title ‘Eco Dog’! 



Scout loves a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Of course we have always wanted Scout to be healthy and happy and there are sustainable ways to make that happen...

Scout eats sustainable food products. Its handy that we have access to some of the best meat around (family connections!) so Scout gets a good mix of grass fed beef from a sustainable farm in Taupo where they farm around the lake in a way that looks after all the waterways and improves the water quality. Low stock rates make sure there’s not too much nitrogen feeding into the lake. 

Of course we think it’s essential to give a mix of feed for Scout for good vitamins and roughage for his teeth. He really likes to have a good sprinkling of small doggy nuts on top of his meat and in particular is very partial to the Feed My Furbaby Chicken Dog Box here. 100% Natural, made in New Zealand; a sustainably designed recipe made from all local ingredients and packed in Award winning eco-friendly packaging (that's also made in NZ). What a spoilt hound Scout is!

When Scout needs to behave and do the things we ask we love to give him a little Beef Liver Dog Treat just to tell him what a good boy he’s been. These come in a lovely little compostable bag too so we feel like we are really looking after the environment at the same time. We simply order these from Feed My Furbaby.  

We always try to buy, when possible, in bulk to prevent additional packaging. I have signed up to the Feed My Furbaby subscription. It was seriously one of the easiest processes and the goodies just arrived on our doorstep within 24 hours. No more having to think about running out of dog food! And, with the food subscription you can add the Beef Liver Treats and other fur-baby favourites to your food order and pay no delivery costs so it’s a win win.    

Cleaning up 

Scout is pretty well mannered when it comes to his morning ‘business’. He always goes somewhere pretty private and normally things are clean as a whistle. On the odd occasion (such as today) though, Scout will get a few bits and bobs caught in his hair and this is where the Good Change Bamboo Cloths are a perfect solution to making sure things are squeaky clean. And if you don’t want to reuse these ones they are all natural, fully compostable and will go back to the earth easily from where they came.   

We always use biodegradable or compostable poop bags too! Unlike some countries where you are constantly dodging doggy messes, we are a little more conscious here to keep our paths and roads clear. When Scout goes walking he always has a compostable bag attached to his lead. We tend to order ours through our great friends at Feed My Furbaby as they are 100% home compostable just like our cloths. You can see these here.  

 Scout loves a good bath (he didn’t used to but its grown on him). We fill the laundry tub up with warm water and lather him up with the Ethique Bow Wow Bar. This is made with neem, oatmeal and coconut oil and formulated to leave your dog’s fur clean, sweet-smelling, soft and ready for cuddles. These unique shampoo bars are pH neutral for dogs. You can see these amazing products here

We use the Good Change Eco Cloths to wash down Scout and the dry Bamboo Reusable Towels to dry him off at the end. He always looks handsome and quite pleased with himself at the end. 


It’s playtime! 

Scout loves nothing more than chasing things. He is pretty partial to chewing on his brother’s tail and back leg (Golden Retriever, Otis) but he also loves nothing more than playing with his Furballs Wool Dog Toys from Feed My Furbaby. Handmade felted wool, made from 100% NZ wool and produced in Nepal, Natural, durable and sustainable; Gentle on teeth; Biodegradable. Safe for your pet and planet.  

Seriously, sometimes I think he thinks he’s a cat! We love repurposing things we have lying around too to create unique playthings. 



Well, this is kind of embarrassing but in the past Scout has been a naughty hound and managed to manoeuvre his way onto the top pillow of the couch for his sleep time. I must say he did leave an unsavoury layer of white hair which of course was easily removed with the Good Change Cloth.  

However, we recently made the most amazing discovery, and purchase! Scout is now the proud owner of a Hudson Linen Dog Bed from Natural Hound and quite frankly I think he would be quite content lounging around on there for the entire day. These are totally sustainable and durable and were originally curated for working farm dogs but are perfect for any size (you can choose on their website). Scout has the 80cm x 65cm because he loves to spread himself out.  

If you do choose a bed for your pet, always look for the most durable and eco friendly product. I would highly recommend for some amazing options from Annabelle and Billy.  



So, Scout, the Eco Dog.

Yes, he’s a little bit spoilt. But, Scout can put his paw on his heart and say that he is doing his bit in making the world a more sustainable place. 

If you would like to go into the draw to WIN our $600 +Eco Pets prize sign up here. Its so easy! 



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