Hand over the cleaning on Mothers Day

We've put together Best Mother's Day Tips for Lockdown 2020. That very special day where we look after our Mum is creeping up on us so it’s time to take over the reins and give her some relief from the mundane. Mother’s day after a full level 4 lockdown also means that Mum has seen A LOT of you, so this year’s Mother’s Day may require a few different treats. First lets break up the household – Mum, Dad and the kids! Well of course Mum is going to play no role at all in the preparation for this auspicious occasion. Feet up, cup of tea (and a wine later on) and nothing less than TLC. Why not encourage Dad to spruce up the house on Friday so the weekend is set for a carefree and relaxing few days. Dad can also do the cooking, or call your favourite restaurant for takeaways. And kids, it’s a great opportunity to get out the bucket and cleaning gear and launch into some cleaning too.

We’ve created a printable action list for Dad, so he can really reap the points of Mother’s Day (TIP: use them quickly, they expire faster than they accumulate) and make the woman who keeps it all together for everyone feel special.


This is what you do:

  1. Click the PDF document here to get Dads Mothers Day Cheat Sheet
  2. Print or email it to your husband (men can understand simple lists better than fluffy hints)
  3. Get the kids onboard

In addition to the Best Mother's Day Tips for Lockdown 2020 Cheat Sheet you can see the overview of the day here with the added bonus of secret TIPS: Here’s some tips on how to make your Mum’s day the most special yet:  

The build up:

  • Dad – don your cleaning attire and get out the bucket for a good spruce up of the house:
    TIP: A full vacuum of the house followed by a thorough mop (add a little Tee Tree into the cleaning water. We want to bring some nature and equilibrium back into the home after such a chaotic 6 weeks of lockdown)Kids – wipe down all surfaces across the house with a little bit of vinegar and water and a dash of your favourite essential oil. The shelves, piano, skirting boards, bathrooms, kitchen will all lavish the ‘lick’ of a nice natural cleaning product by a nice natural cloth.The many uses of the eco cloth
  • Go for a country walk and pick some natural wild flowers and foliage to place around the house.
    TIP: Some of the plants we have often considered to be weeds such as Queen Ann’s Lace often add the best ambiance to the home and give it that ‘back to nature’ feel. See the photo here, so you know what to look for:

    Good Change create a beautiful natural ambiance in the house

  • Fold all of the washing and put everything away to make sure the house feels less cluttered
    TIP: Flag the ironing. Just sneak it into the draws!
  • Choose a menu for the special day and make sure you have all of the ingredients ready to go
    TIP: If it’s a cold day, big pots of vege soup are always a hit with cheesy scones.
  • Pre cook the meals so there is not stress in the kitchen on the big day. The last thing Mum wants to hear is squabbling on Mother’s Day!
    Soup can sit in its flavor for a few days and it’ll be even tastier! Dinner can be a one pot wonder so there’s not too much maintenance on the day

      On the day:

      1. Give Mum a sleep in followed by breakfast in bed and a warm cuppa.
        TIP: no need for extravagant presents but you could write a note offering to do the cleaning for the next week.

        Use the Eco Cloth to write a caring noteUse the Eco Cloth to write a caring note

      2. Put on some relaxing music to set the scene.
        TIP: Lounge tunes are always a winner but make sure its what Mum likes. The Wiggles is just not going to cut it.
      1. Give Mum some “me-time” – she’s been surrounded by you lovely lot for a month and a half, 24/7.
        TIP: Let her know her free space time allotment, so she can plan a walk, a run, a yoga session on her app on the beach or just sit in peace somewhere and read a book.
      1. Get the soup bubbling and the scones on.
        TIP: the other kids can be setting the table while lunch is being prepared. A nice essential oil candle even during the day will always add to the ambiance.
      1. Clean up!
        TIP: Take the house back to what it was and leave the kitchen looking sparkling clean.


      Finally tuck Mum in for an early night ready to launch into another year before Mother’s Day comes a knocking again! Or just let her go to bed early with the iPad to watch her favourite Netflix series.

      We hope you enjoyed our Best Mother's Day Tips for Lockdown 2020.


      By Kristy Hunter

      Co-founder – Good Change Store



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