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Eco Cleaning Essentials for new Mums and babies

Isn’t it funny how the world has gone full circle from those great big reusable nappies with the large safety pins that we (well some of us more seniors!) used to wear as babies, through the period of ‘convenient-throw-away-plastic-infused’ nappies and wipes to now more of a focus again back on the reusable.

Having babies is without a shadow of a doubt the most life changing thing for any new Mum. Things are hectic. Sleep deprivation is at an all-time high and convenience is front of mind when settling into a new routine.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the new small human you have just brought into this world with his or her translucent skin and body of total purity deserves to be treated with the utmost gentleness and respect.

With the skin being the biggest organ and prone to absorption of all kinds of nasties, the use of reusable washable products on your new small human is worth strong consideration.

Here are a few recommendations to not only look after your new baby but also our planet:

Reusable nappies from Nature Baby - cotton and bamboo nappy squares


Nature Baby Reusable Nappies

This beautifully soft and absorbent nappy square will soon become one of your baby essentials! Nappy squares are a simple and traditional cloth nappy and are an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to disposable nappies. The brushed cotton nappy squares are made from organic cotton and bamboo, offering comfort, breathability, absorbency and softness against baby’s skin.


Bamboo Reusable Towels from Good Change

These are a great alternative to baby wipes. Simply fill up a small bowl of warm water beside your change table or in the kitchen, add a drop of essential oil and use your bamboo towels for all of those ‘spills’ . Soft, strong, super absorbent and breathable, you can use, wash and reuse these cloths up to 85 times. Pop a small basket or bin in the kitchen and nursery for all of the dirty cloths, wash them each day ready for the next use. A new Mum essential.

 Reusable bamboo wipes


Eco Cloths from Good Change

Good Change Eco Cloth

These cloths are totally versatile and have so many uses. One of the main features of these is that they don’t smell. They are made from wood pulp and cotton and dry superfast so no time for the harvesting of unnecessary bacteria and hence they don’t get that awful ‘raggy’ cloth smell. The Eco Cloths are great for mopping up spills OR they can be used in the nursery as a soft facecloth to freshen up your little bub after their sleep. AND, lovely designs to provide a natural extension to your interior brand. 

Using the eco cloth to wipe baby's face


Natural Dish Brushes from Good Change

 Good Change Wooden Dish Brush

These are the perfect natural solution to bottle cleaning. These brushes have been designed with baby bottles in mind. A thinner head with curvature on it to get into all of those tight places, these brushes live and breathe ‘eco’. Made from FSC certified Beechwood and bristles from the native Mexican Tampico plant, this designer brush is fast becoming a new Mum essential.


Good Change Eco Scrubs

Eco Scrubber

The perfect way to clean your baby bath is with the brand new Good Change Eco Scrubs.

These are made from natural Loofah and cellulose sponge (derived from wood pulp) so no more harsh scratching when cleaning your baby bath. The two pieces of material have been hand stitched together eliminating any toxic glues. The perfect addition to your new Mum cleaning kit.

With all of these amazing natural products on board you can rest assured that your baby (and all of your baby essentials for keeping and maintaining everything in perfect condition) are well looked after. No more toxic glues, no more plastic infused cloths and nappies. Giving your baby the best start to life.


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