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3 Steps to Simplify Your Cleaning Products

Have you ever been confused standing in the cleaning aisle moving your eye across the sea of sprays, cloths, wipes, sponges, scourers, you name it.

Whether you prefer eco or not, there are so many options in both areas, and each one with a very niche solution.  There’s a specific cleaner for just about any corner of your home.

Most often you’ll end up with half-used and forgotten bottles in your cleaning cupboard of window cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner, soap scum cleaner in the shower, floor cleaner for tiles specifically….and that’s just for cleaning the bathroom.

For some it may even have got to the stage where you’re almost scared to look in the back of your cleaning cupboard out of fear of what crinkled, dirty-looking old cleaning product you would have left in there years ago.

Truth is, many people don’t use all the cleaning tools and supplies they have, and they end up going off or fall apart.

There are ways to be much more minimalistic, which saves your wallet and takes the stress out of some of the chores too.

You ready to de-clutter your cleaning products?


1) Choose your tools

There's always a favourite. Which cleaning wipe, cloth, sponge do you always go back to? That’s a good place to start.

Then have a think about which one works across multiple rooms and tasks. You can get creative here. For example, your dish scourer could also be used to wash the bath or the sink.

Find your favourite few, and then stock up. Throw the rest out.

TIP: As you have now chosen your favourite few, assign different tasks to different colour cloth/wipe. Or you can cut a corner off and say that’s your toilet wipe cloth.


2) Pick you best cleaning liquids

Pull out all your cleaning liquids and sprays. You will know which ones you always end up using. And sometimes use when you run out of other stuff. These are the ones you want to hang on to.  

The cleaning liquids that work across different tasks and purposes. You may prefer to use a scent for a bathroom, which is fine. But keep in mind that you could also be using the kitchen spray for your bathroom.

Or go for all-purpose cleaning liquids.  That makes is very simple to use around the house.

For less space you can go for the option of using cleaning concentrates or tablets that dissolve in water.

Keep a few specific cleaning creams that you know you will need on the rare occasion.

TIP: as you go through your cleaning liquids, determine with yourself if you want to clean or disinfect. There are pros and cons of both, so this is a personal choice.


3) Organise it all

This is the fun part.

You are now left with hopefully only a few cleaning products. You can organise them into basket, steel baskets, or anything you prefer for storage.

TIP: If you’ve gone for nice looking cleaning bottles, you can also place them straight onto your shelf in the cupboard. They work as decorative pieces in themselves.



Think about cleaning products with a reusable component.
If it’s cloths and wipes you can wash and reuse instead of single-use paper towels, of if it’s your cleaning liquid bottle that can be refilled instead of buying new bottles all the time.


Find your favourites. Brave the back of the cleaning cupboard and throw out all the tools and supplies you don’t use. Be harsh!

You’ll be left with a beautiful and tidy cleaning supplies cupboard – it might even be joyful to open it and start cleaning.

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