What Small Change Would You Make?

What Small Change Would You Make?


Every experience we have in life brings us new insight, perspective and wisdom.

This new knowledge often makes us rethink some of our actions and in turn our habits. 

This could be habits in what you use & purchase, habits around exercise & health (physical or mental), or your approach to giving back & helping others. 

For that reason, we love to ask our Small Change Revolution community the question:

What small change would you make, if nothing was stopping you?

This is the one change you find most important. Any little change you can think of, which would leave a positive mark either in yourself or in the lives of others. Both are important. Nothing is too small, it all counts. 

Drop your answers in the comments below this post. 

We all have different backgrounds, and can learn from each other, so please share your answer with us below. 

Thank you, we truly appreciate it. 

Kristy & Stine

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