7 Easy Steps on How to Use and Reuse the Bamboo Reusable Towels

7 Easy Steps on How to Use and Reuse the Bamboo Reusable Towels

We often get asked “how do I actually reuse the bamboo towels?”

This is such a good question!

The bamboo towels are a very robust soft piece of fabric, so it will not break like a paper, instead you use it over and over again.

Using the bamboo towels to replace single-use towels or synthetic wipes is a new way of cleaning and wiping.  Once you’re onboard though, it’s hard to go back.

The bamboo towels are far superior to use compared to the single use, plus you get the benefit of adding to your savings as you stop spending on conventional paper towels.

In this blog I'm showing you how I use the bamboo towels at home - in 7 easy steps.


  1. Unwrap your bamboo roll and place it on a “paper” towel stand

  2. Pull off a sheet like you would with a conventional paper towel 

  3. Wipe up any mess or liquids (the towels have amazing absorbency)

  4. Now you have a choice:

    Either rinse out the bamboo towel under the tap and put it back to use in your kitchen - make it your cloth for the day


    if you think it needs a wash, what I do is to throw my bamboo towels into a basket in the pantry, where I keep my dirty tea towels and bamboo towels.

    Get your family into the habit - you'll be surprised how quickly they adopt the basket, especially as it takes away the (apparently?) "cumbersome" task of having to open a cupboard door to access the bin. 

  5. Time for a wash

    When it’s time for a wash, empty the basket with the bamboo wipes into the machine and wash them (you can also add them to any wash you are comfortable with) - they’ll comfortably wash up to 60 C degrees.

  6. Hang them to dry

    You can also use the tumble dryer, but it will add more wear and tear on your towels.

    TIP: If you flatpack them when wet, one on top of the other, on your drying rack inside they’ll come out crease free and ready to use.

  7. Fold them and keep them handy

    Fold the dry bamboo wipes and keep them next to the bamboo roll, for instance in a decorative basket.

    Your family will quickly learn to grab from the basket first, when they need a “paper towel”.

    There is the slightly more creative option of re-rolling the sheets back on to the roll or straight onto your “paper towel” stand.

I hope some of these steps give you inspiration to start using and reusing the bamboo towels. 

If you have any other questions, always feel free to get in touch with us on hello@goodchangestore.com 


Happy Re-using.


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