Mum’s clean up amid lockdown with eco cleaning cloths

March 30, 2020

We source an eco cleaning cloth from Germany. They are designed for people who are conscious of the environment but also want something that is convenient and look nice…
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A Change For The Better

March 30, 2020

When friends Kristy Hunter and Stine Smith wandered their local supermarket, they were dismayed at the amount of packaging and plastics used in everyday items – so they decided to do something…
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Celebrating The Small Steps

November, 2019

We’re championing Good Change Store’s revolutionary collection of compostable eco cleaning cloths. The Eco Cloth is…
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A Super-popular Choice for School Fundraising


The clever duo behind the standout eco cleaning cloths will send out a series of fundraising kits to help the kids spread the good word, and boost your school’s community’s commitment…
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Wipe and Wash the Eco Way

3 April, 2020

Washing wash cloths has never been so important as it is right now which is why Good is in love with the Eco Cloths from Good Change. Making sure surfaces are clean and COVID-19-free feels like a non-stop process...
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Try It ... You'll Like It

May 2020

Made from wood pulp and cotton with no nasty microplastics, and packaged using recycled cardboard, Good Change Eco Cloths can be used for all your cleaning then popped into the washing machine or dishwasher to clean. Lasting for up to 9 months, once you are finished with them use them in your garden as weed mat or put them in your home compost. 3 pack for $8.99.

Kitchen Mate

May, 2020

Dish cloths. Those bacteria-ridden rags that float around the kitchen can be banished. For there is a new kid on the chopping block. Good Change reusable Eco Cloths are a fresh change: made of 100 per cent sustainable materials, they're 100 per cent compostable, long-lasting and you can throw them in the dishwasher. We tried them out and can report they are a friend in the kitchen. They look pretty good too. $9 for a pack of three. See for stockists.

Clean Change

December, 2020

The all-natural Eco Cloth was invented by a clever Swede who couldn't abide the smell of musty dishcloths. Seventy-odd years later, it has become the fastest-selling product of a Tauranga-based cleaning products company on the strength of its compostability. "We took a product that has been around years and highlighted how it's a great sustainable alternative." says Kristy Hunter, who founded Good Change in 2019 with friend Stine Smith to give consumers an option other than the microplastic-infused dish cloths.

Eco Cloths

Made from wood fibre and cotton, these cleaning cloths can be used for all your usual chores (kitchen, bathrooms) but unlike alternatives, contain zero microplastics and are compostable. $8.99 per 3-pack, from selected supermarkets or see for stockists.

Kiwi Mums Saving the Planet One Wipe at a Time!

These Bay of Plenty businesswomen ar on an environmentally friendly mission to clean up our kitchens. When rural Bay of Plenty mums Stine Smith and Kristy Hunter finally held the finished eco-friendly kitchen cloths they created in 2019, they didn't just sit around and wait for it to fly onto shop shelves. Instead, the do-good duo packed their car with boxes of the biodegradable product, said goodbye to their husbands and kids, and then took off around the country on a spontaneous whim!

Good Thinking

February 4, 2021

A cloth invented n Scandinavia decades ago is now the eco-friendly must-have for New Zealand kitchens, thanks to two Tauranga women who've launched the company Good Change. "We thought, we need to make our cloth available to everyone, but it can't be $15, no one's going to buy that. If we can make it affordable, we can scale it, get it to a lot of people, and change habits without breaking the bank balance."
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