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We created the Eco Cloth fundraiser as a result of too many biscuits and cheap chocolates coming through from our own kids, when raising funds for their school. While we wanted to support our children’s school and education, we struggled to support the products they were selling.

So the Eco Cloth fundraiser idea was borne.

The fundraiser allows students, teachers and parents to raise funds through selling compostable reusable eco cloths. One pack contains 3 eco cloths and cost $9. Of that the school receives $2 for each pack sold.

We know school staff and parents are busy.

And we also know that school fundraising is rarely factored into staff or teacher’s time.

For that reason we decided to create a fundraiser that is easy on the work load for staff and parents, presenting a product that actively engages our children in learning about the effects of bad consumer decisions, and positively encourages them to go out and make a change.

“People loved the idea of something unique that was good for the environment and healthy”
Flick Tatham – Waemarama School

A simple fundraising process

If you are interested in our fundraiser please see the steps on how it works here:

  1. Send us your details in the form below (not binding, simply to start the conversation).
  2. We will contact you to discuss your needs and if you’re happy to go ahead we will book in your fundraiser date.
  3. Two months prior to the fundraiser start date we will send you a reminder email containing the dates and what to expect.
  4. Two weeks before the fundraiser our guided process starts.
    We will send you content for your newsletter and social media pages that you can easily copy and paste, should you like to use it.
    We will send you a clear overview of the step-by-step process of what is about to happen.
  5. During the fundraiser we offer support and insight to raise more funds for your school.
    We have experienced how certain easy actions can make a big difference to how many funds the school will raise. We will share these with you, so you can get the most out of your fundraising time-investment.
  6. Last day of the fundraiser we will send you a reminder of the next steps.
  7. After the fundraiser we will send you the packs of eco cloths within a week of final number confirmation.

The Eco Fundraiser- Raising funds very quickly and easily

"Our tiny country school of 50 kids managed to sell 240 packs of cloths in no time making $$ very quickly and easily.
Cloths arrived quickly with great promotional posters which we shared on Facebook and sales rushed in.
People loved the idea of something unique that was good for the environment and healthy."

Flick Tatham

Waemarama School

The BEST fundraiser and such a cool product

“This was by far one of the best fundraisers I have been involved with.
Such a cool product, and its useful around the home.
Some people bought 10 packs! Amazing!!!”

Anna Holdsworth

Private Fundraiser

Boosts your school's commitment to a more beautiful world

“Good Change’s eco cloths are made of wood pulp and cotton, and have become a super-popular choice for school fundraising.
The clever duo behind this standout product will send out a series of fundraising kits to help the kids spread the good word, and boost your school community’s commitment to a more beautiful world.”
Tots to Teens Magazine (New Zealand’s leading parent magazine)

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