We get that question a lot.
There are a lot of self-proclaimed eco companies out there and we fully understand it can be a challenge determining what to believe.

Our key principle of delivering honest products ensures we do our due diligence on all products we make.

Our Eco Cloths have been tested in Switzerland for their compostable breakdown abilities.
All our cloths qualify as compostable material under EN 13432 (certified by ISEGA; January 2011).

All the dyes we use are plant based and not harmful to nature. This does impose the risk that the colour will wash off slightly as they get washed and used over and over. We hope you will appreciate the natural component behind this when you’re using our products.

We sell our Eco Cloths to the New Zealand supermarkets, where they have undergone strict regulatory reviews on the eco claims we make. You can rest assured they’ve been looked into from many angles.

Once your cloth has reached the end of its life, you can dispose of it as normal household waste, but you can also bury it in your garden and it will fully decompose.

We suggest you use the cloths for your seedlings or as a temporary weet-mat for new plants. That way your Eco Cloth will work for you till the end of its days, and you have zero waste on that account.


For every pack of our eco cloths sold, we’ll donate a month of clean, safe drinking water to a family in Cambodia.
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