Award Winning

We’re proud to have won 5 awards at the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020, including being selected as the winner of the Social Responsibility Award for the Home.

The Social Responsibility Award is awarded to businesses that lead change and are committed to making a positive impact on society.

"Congratulations on a phenomenal achievement! And thank you for building an exceptional brand that embodies everything we value in a business: ethics, integrity, and care."
- Emma and Emily, founders of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards (ANTA) celebrate non-toxic and socially responsible products.

The Awards seek to make it easier and less confusing for all of us to make the safest and most ethical choices.


ANTA value exceptional products that are:

Safe – containing only non-toxic ingredients and materials.

Ethical – manufactured fairly using ethically-sourced ingredients & materials.

Sustainable – produced ensuring long-term environmental quality for future generations.

Responsible – beneficial to the welfare of local and global communities.


"Super absorbent – the equivalent of 15 paper towels! Really soft to use and also tough wearing, these cloths are fantastic. It hadn’t crossed my mind about how much waste I was creating with cloths before and this is such an easy and better functioning swap! I love that they dry so quickly, are washable in the dishwasher and are fully compostable at the end of life."

- Emily Fletcher, both the Founder and Head of Research & Education of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards.
Emily has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university. She initially founded the Awards in 2019 after identifying the need to celebrate and empower brands and small businesses that produce safe, non-toxic and socially responsible products.

"You can use this cloth on anything, it lasts really long and looks lovely in the home. It’s compostable, reusable with no plastic! All things that are important for home cleaning cloths and things I would look out for in a cloth"

— Kate Hall, educator, activist, speaker, and blogger. Kate educates about ethical fashion to high schools around Auckland, has presented on a TEDx stage, and helps professionals understand their impact too.

"This is a great sized, absorbent eco cloth that’s compostable at the end of life! Fantastic product, thoughtful packaging. The impact extends past the purchase."

- Laura Trotta, one of Australia’s leading sustainable living educators and winner of numerous regional and national awards for her fresh and inspiring take on living an ‘ecoceptional’ life.
Laura is an eco thought leader who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo.

"I was super excited to try this product as I had seen it online – and it didn’t disappoint. I loved that the package arrived in a compostable mailer and as for the cloths I will continue using (and purchasing) these. Love, Love, Love everything about this product!"

— Petria Leggo-Field


For every pack of our eco cloths sold, we’ll donate a month of clean, safe drinking water to a family in Cambodia.
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