We created the Eco Cloth fundraiser as a result of too many biscuits and cheap chocolates coming through from our own kids, when raising funds for their school. While we wanted to support our children’s school and education, we struggled to support the products they were selling.

So the Eco Cloth fundraiser idea was borne.

The fundraiser allows students, teachers and parents to raise funds through selling compostable reusable eco cloths. One pack contains 3 eco cloths and cost $9. Of that the school receives $2 for each pack sold.

We know school staff and parents are busy.

And we also know that school fundraising is rarely factored into staff or teacher’s time.

For that reason we decided to create a fundraiser that is easy on the work load for staff and parents, presenting a product that actively engages our children in learning about the effects of bad consumer decisions, and positively encourages them to go out and make a change.

“People loved the idea of something unique that was good for the environment and healthy”
Flick Tatham – Waemarama School

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Eco Cloths look good and do good - the BEST ECO FUNDRAISER