5 Reasons Why You Should Use the Good Change Eco Cloth


green eco cloth

You've finally made the green switch, the change for good - hurray! We're extremely happy you've found us and made the eco-switch so we're going to share with you reasons why you should be using the Good Change Eco Cloth (why you've made the right decision to switch!).

First off - the Eco Cloth is multifaceted! Good Change Eco Cloth can be used for a multitude of chores from washing the dishes to cleaning the toilet to cleaning your face. It is one awesome cloth.

Second - the Eco Cloth will replace all your paper towel consumption saving you money spent on tissue paper you'll use once and dump in the bin. With the Eco Cloth, you get to use it over and over and will last at least 9 months. Isn't that amazing value for your money?

Third - the Eco Cloth helps you save the environment. It aids in minimizing your paper waste and since these cloths are 100% biodegradable you can throw them in the garden, and it'll decompose after a few weeks.

Fourth - Worried about lint on your glass counter-tops and windows? Wipe it with the Eco Cloth and worry no more, your cleaning will be streak-free and lint-free from now on.

Fifth - Lastly it comes in a pack of 3 elegant designs, so you get to assign which design goes with which chore or part of the house.

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